Elements of Nature

Energetics of Food

Have you ever considered what the intimate details of a food are?  Where it comes from, its physical attributes, its growth conditions, the way it develops, how it behaves in life, its personality and character, all of these details create what is called the  Energetics of Food. 

When you plan on eating any food and making it part of your body, this information is the key component. Once you know the energetics of a specific food you can use that information to avoid that food to benefit your specific condition and health needs. More importantly, with your new found knowledge making the correct food choices will be easier, you will feel more in control of your moods, your health, and your life. 


Additional teachings will be based on Weston A. Price, the first modern researcher to take a careful look at the health and eating habits of isolated societies. A dentist in the 1930’s, Price started to notice tooth decay and degenerative illnesses with this patients. To find out why this was occurring he traveled the world to observe populations untouched by civilization who were living entirely on local foods and documented all his findings in his book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”. 

We will explore the research of Weston A. Price and how it applies to food, health, Chinese Dietary Therapy, and the Longevity Diet. Your relationship to food will change as you become more knowledgable about the foods you choose to eat and feed your loved ones.  

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Five Tastes






There is a definitive art to meal balancing. The combination of possibilities are plentiful with disease fighting and health stimulating nutrients. The underlying principle dictates that these flavors, while seeming antagonistic are actually, by virtue of meal balancing, complementary. Meals that include the five tastes will prove more satisfying, limit your cravings, and fortify your immune system. 

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