Space Clearing

Clear Your Path... To New Opportunities


It is best to perform Space Clearing ceremonies whenever a serious illness has manifested, an unfortunate event has transpired  such as bankruptcy, death, divorce or unexplained happenings that are disturbing the inhabitants.  Maybe you are feeling blocked and irritable as nothing is moving forward as planned or your business has taken a sudden downturn and you are not sure why. 

In real estate houses that have been sitting on the market for long periods of time have stagnant energies that keep buyers from feeling comfortable and purchasing the home. Commerical spaces that are revolving doors with a new tennant every year can not hold a business and effect the larger community with a feeling of instability in that area of town. These types of depleted energy cycles can linger for years creating draining energy patterns that affect the quality and productivity of your living or work space and your community at large. 

Time Tested Techniques

Space Clearings, Blessing Ceremonies and Land Blessings are commenced to revitalize environments with a specifically designed ceremony that will address your spiritual needs, geo-pathic stress (negative land energies), negative predecessor influences and stagnant energies that have collected in your environment over time. 

When your space is effectively cleared for re-purposing or new habitation, the intentions and higher frequencies of your desired goals are anchored in. The energies of your space will feel lighter and brighter and you will be motivated to move onward and upward.



"Marise space cleared my home...watching her in action was a delight, I was able to see she was really comfortable with the process and in tune with my home, all my concerns melted away and have not returned...I could feel the difference immediately, the situations that were a persistent thorn in my side, dissolved!...thank you Marise!"

Karen Baker, Corporate Sales Executive, Venice, CA