Space Clearing

 Space Clearings and Blessing Ceremonies are commenced to revitalize environments with a specifically designed ceremony that will address your concerns. This ancient practice clears geo-pathic stress (land energies), predecessor influences and stagnant energies that have collected over time into an overlapping energy field within your environment. 

Space Clearing effectively clears a space for repurposing and new habitation.  Your intentions, higher frequencies and desired goals are reset and anchored in. Your space will feel lighter and brighter creating good vibrations. You will be motivated to move onward and upward attracting positive experiences effortlessly.  


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 “Marise space cleared my home…watching her in action was a delight, I was able to see she was really comfortable with the process and in tune with my home, all my concerns melted away and have not returned… I could feel the difference immediately, the situations that were a persistent thorn in my side, dissolved…thank you Marise.”

Karen Baker, Senior Account Executive,Venice, CA


“For two years I was plagued by a frivolous lawsuit and found myself financially and emotionally exhausted. My wife encouraged me to have our home space cleared. I was skeptical but desperate at this point and felt we had nothing left to lose. Miraculously, within 48 hours after Marise space cleared our home, their lawyer called to announce they were dropping the lawsuit. We got our life back and looking forward to our new found freedom and sharing happy memories together again. 

 Donald Hess, Financial Controller, Fairfleld, NJ