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As a well-traveled, lifelong student of global cultures and indigenous practices, Marise has devoted her healing mission to empowering individuals who desire to improve their lives during transitional times and clear their path to new opportunities of higher vibrations. 

From an artist in her early years to a successful career as an executive in the ivory towers of the New York City fashion world, she always had a flare for the dramatic and dreamed of traveling to far away places. 

Looking for a new endeavor to satisfy her thirsty soul and restore her waning health, she left the fashion world of worshipping the outer shell and found soul satisfaction when delving into the depths of rejuvenating her health in the alternative healing movement.

Opening the doorway to the mind, body, spirit and space connection, her life was completely transformed when she found love and embarked upon a fourteen month worldwide working excursion.  Mother Earth became the duo's “home” as Marise found herself constantly adjusting to the ever changing eco-systems they encountered along the way, realizing home is where the heart is. To find stability from the spinning wheels of trains, planes and automobiles, exotic foods and customs, Marise  pursued local indigenous soul supporting practices with highly evolved spiritual elders and was initiated into shamanism on Machu Picchu, Peru. She later developed these practices into her unique Transition Tool Kit, to keep herself grounded and balanced within any environment that she found herself in.  As a result of these multicultural experiences in Peru, China, Bali, France, Spain, England, Greece, Australia, New Zealand and more,  Marise came to understand the promise of the land, the power of wind and water and their profound effect upon it’s inhabitants.

Marise's unique combination of supportive healing modalities will take you on a transformational journey with the five elements of nature, colors, shapes, and textures, weaving it all into a dynamic life affirming process that will feed your soul during challenging times.  Empowering you with a creative strategy to move beyond your fears and anxieties,  Marise will help you turn your life around to reach your potential and succeed in your personal growth and business endeavors.   

Having earned her classical Feng Shui certification at the New York School of Feng Shui  where she served as Associate Director, she also Co-Founded  the Academy of Healing Nutrition, co-hosted International Feng Shui Conferences, holistic retreats around the world and Feng Shui tours to China. Marise also holds certifications in the Longevity Nutritional Diet,  Shamanic Energy Healing, Space Clearing and Permaculture.

Marise brings forth her gifts to the world as a transitional catalyst,  life coach, teacher and speaker. 


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