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Transitional Catalyst

 Marise will take you on a transformational journey with the five elements of nature, colors, shapes and textures to weave it all into a dynamic life affirming process that will feed your soul during challenging times. Marise will empower you with a creative strategy to move beyond your fears and anxieties. Utilizing indigenous soul supportive practices she learned from elders of the global cultures she immersed herself in,  Marise will help you turn your life around to reach your potential and succeed in your personal growth and business endeavors. 

Year of the Earth Pig 2019

Good Feng Shui is being on the right place at the right time with the right people.  Receive practical insights to get you into the right energy flow for the New Year with a Bazi Astrology reading to be proactive in your business, steer your personal relationships into a positive direction and enjoy your most successful year yet. 


"Marise ~ I’m still processing yesterday’s AMAZING astrology session! My brain is “cleaning house” and refilling memories which now seem thank you! I Loved it!" Carrie Miller,  Bloomfield , NJ 


“I am thrilled with the results of Marise’s suggestions! They were easy to follow, and did not turn my life upside down. I was apprehensive at first thinking she would ask me to paint my whole house or buy new furniture. Her Feng Shui suggestions turned my life around extremely quickly. I still have more work to do and she still advises me months after our initial consultations. Her loving heart and warm spirit are comforting and provide profound results. Marise, you are AMAZING.”

Linda Stasiak, Northeast Sales, West Hampton, NY

Event : Real Food, Health and Chinese Dietary Therapy

Topics we will explore

*Myth and Truth About Fats

*Why saturated fats and cholesterol are not the villains  

*The Joy and Ploy of Soy 

More information is on the Longevity Diet page

Holistic Evening Class 

Dates: March 20, 27 and April 3, 10

Where:  Eco Chic Salon 

16 Center Street 

 Wilton, CT 06897

Life Path Coaching

Clear pathways to new opportunities,  and be empowered to create a happier more prosperous life.  Marise  will help you make an energetic shift into your future based on strategic planning with your 

unique lifepath model. 

How Can I Help You

Marise can see though the multi-layers of the mind, body, spirit and space connections to bring you into a state of balance and harmony that will allow you to maximize your potential. 


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