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Marise will take you on a transformational journey with the five elements of nature, colors, shapes and textures to weave it all into a dynamic life affirming process that will feed your soul during challenging times. Marise will empower you with a creative strategy to move beyond your fears and anxieties and help you live the life of your dreams.  Marise will help you reach your potential and succeed in your personal growth and business endeavors by utilizing soul supporting practices that she learned from indigenous elders of the diverse cultures she immersed herself in during her worldwide travels. 

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Good Feng Shui is being on the right place at the right time with the right people. Receive practical insights to get you into the right energy flow for the New Year with a Bazi Astrology reading to be proactive in your business, steer your personal relationships into a positive direction and enjoy your most successful year yet. 

White Metal Rat of 2020

Article written by Marise Hamm Janurary 26, 2020 

The Rat is known for completing a cycle and starting a new one. The animal of transformation that navigates its way by using its keen instincts to follow its soul path to success.  

Life is made up of cycles, astrology follows the many cycles within cycles to make sense of it all. 2020 is the year to wear a new pair of glasses, you can’t but help have a new perspective as there is a relentless line of strong endings and fresh beginnings taking place almost daily. It is a year of division with an inner knowing of what is falling away and not yet knowing where you want to go. It’s a time to disentangle yourself from people, places and things without regret. It’s time to let go. 

2020 is a new year, a new decade, and completes a 60 year cycle. Circling back to 1960, the last white metal Rat year brought in the election of a catholic President Kennedy, ignition of the civil rights movement, escalation of the Viet Nam War along with nationwide protests from the intoxicated American youth of rock and roll.  

We are also cycling back to the astrological birth chart of the United States and the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. We have Pluto’s (chaos) karmic return along with Uranus (the destroyer) and Neptune (illusion and delusion), all three planets are converging again and will bring a great American crisis that will last throughout the 20’s. 

Worldwide, old power structures are being challenged and dismantled, all secrets are being revealed including yours. Political, financial, government, big business, the monarchy and social norms have been devalued and are all being transformed as what has worked in the past no longer works. The veil is lifting and we are gaining a new perspective on everything. 

Create local grass roots groups as it is easier to steer a ship of small individual groups who will prove to be versatile, mobile, cooperative and self contained, creating greater success for all concerned. Get to know your neighbors, as the American Revolution was won by utilizing guerrilla tactics. We are in a time where it is imperative to hone your intuitive powers and take conscious quick actions as long term strategic planning will not serve you.

The Rat is a half yin half yang animal placed at the beginning of the Chinese zodiac. The hour for the Rat is 11pm-1am containing late night and early morning energies, endings and beginnings. The Rat is ruled by a yang water element that controls the expression of emotions and communications. 

White metal is geng metal or yang metal meaning heavy weaponry, armor, and strong winds. The discernment and discretion of geng metal makes precision cuts, yes or no, no in-between. Coupled with the white metal element the Rat wants to implement changes in an orderly fashion but the white metal is too rigid and inflexible creating stubbornness and conflict when inserted into the waters of communication. 

What is the best plan of action for 2020 

Go within. Connect with Source. Create your own compass and strengthen your inner resolve. Build your intuitive muscles to help you synchronize into the future you desire. 

Stay focused, practical minded, disciplined yet flexible. The Rat thinks quick on its feet following its keen instincts. Rat will be the first to jump ship when it recognizes before anyone else that the boat is sinking. Did I mention Rats can swim, versatile creatures. 

Any ventures started in this white metal Rat year will be fortunate if a new attitude of “immersive creativity” is implemented with clear communication, not the planned analysis paralysis of the past. Rewards and success will come if authenticity, value and quality is the prime concern, leaving attitudes of quick profits at the expense of poor quality and our environment behind. Recognizing that we are our environment is finally being heart felt by many as we have watched the recent raging elemental events unfold in Australia.  

The Rat has a youthful energy yet it is known for surviving, spreading disease, germ warfare, hoarding food and saving up for the future. Re-set your inner resolve operate from the middle ground making decisions from a youthful perspective yet implementing them maturely. Be careful not to settle and act out of desperation but instead make discerning choices with quality in mind for you and the environment as a collective. 

The environmental report for 2020 is one with strong water creating flash flooding, rainstorms, high winds and tsunamis coupled with a weaker unstable earth element creating earthquakes, mining accidents and landslides. Pay attention to your surrounding landscape, trim trees that are too close to the house, make the proper corrections to areas that are prone to collecting water and cracking in the foundations. 

Your body ecology is very important to help you sustain your quality of life. Building a strong digestive system will get you through almost anything. To nourish the self eat a more vegetarian diet to help detox the mind and body and access your intuition more easily. Be discerning by reading the labels on foods to know exactly what is in your food and supplements. Conveniently ignoring poisonous ingredients in your food and your pets food is no longer acceptable. Clear your clutter, get rid of the old that is stale or broken and leave room for the new to move in. 

Now is the time to give back to loved ones and elders. Clean up your mess and tie up loose ends. Allow yourself to let go of past fears as it will release an abundance of energy that you can use to pivot toxic thoughts and speech into creative energies and successfully navigate the divisive energies of 2020. 

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"Marise ~ I’m still processing yesterday’s AMAZING Bazi astrology session! My brain is “cleaning house” and refilling memories which now seem thank you! I Loved it!" Carrie Miller,  Bloomfield , NJ 


“I am thrilled with the results of Marise’s suggestions! They were easy to follow, and did not turn my life upside down. I was apprehensive at first thinking she would ask me to paint my whole house or buy new furniture. Her Feng Shui suggestions turned my life around extremely quickly. I still have more work to do and she still advises me months after our initial consultations. Her loving heart and warm spirit are comforting and provide profound results. Marise, you are AMAZING.”

Linda Stasiak, Northeast Sales, West Hampton, NY

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