Intuitive Oracle Readings


Emotional Feng Shui® "revealing the heart of the matter"

Marise began reading oracle cards after her second chance visit two decades apart to “The Oracle of Delphi” in Greece. She answered her calling.  

My unique formula for assessing your Emotional Feng Shui® was gifted to me by my spirit guides, it is an elegant evolution of my spiritual healing practices. During your card reading your angels will come forth bringing clarity to reveal the underlying dynamics of your life and help you better understand your inner motivations and why you do what you do. 

Old hidden energetic patterns that no longer serve you will be cleared, making space for the new messages from your spirit guides to be integrated into your conscsiousness in the HERE and NOW. Your concerns will be accurately answered, bringing forth clarity for you to make better decisions for yourself and create more love, peace and happiness in your life.


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Oracle Cards Shift into your power

“Definitely worth tapping into your readings Marise, when you are flowing in the process connecting the dots you can feel the stars align!” Allegra Hart, Weston, CT.


“I went to see Marise at a very confusing and dark time in my life after having an intense and disturbing psychic reading. Marise’s Emotional Feng Shui® reading felt right on and set me straight and on a very specific course of action that I felt empowered and enlivened by. The results of her recommendations have been extraordinary in every way. I would highly recommend a reading with Marise to anyone looking for inspirational and effective answers.”  Sarah Rose Reilly, Architect, Sag Harbor, NY