BaZi Chinese Astrology


Astro Analysis

Your BaZi astrology chart is an imprint of energy that converges at the time of your birth, a specific mixture of cosmic energies that exist at that particular time of day, month, year and hour. It is a road map of your life’s path, revealing who you are and the opportunities and challenges that await you along your journey. 

BaZi Astrology will help you design the life you want to live and not just reveal your fated journey. Examine your life path to find what drives your inner motivations and expresses your life’s purpose.  Better understand where you are, discern the probabilities of future events and navigate your way to becoming your best future self.

How is BaZi integrated into your life? 

* Manage personal expectations

* Character Analysis of employees by Management

* Make informed decisions

* Make financial decisions 

* Understand individuals and relationships 

* Apply Feng Shui correctly

* Choose the right career path

* Strategic timing for important events

Life Path Analysis 

Become aware of who you are and how to create the life you want as you determine your own destiny. 

Learn and understand yourself, your strengths and your special talents. Evaluate family and relationship interactions to improve upon them.

Career Path Analysis 

 Strategize for business success. Find and develop the areas of your personality you want to improve and fine tune a skill set you are able to practice to be great at what you do. Get into the path of least resistance to building your financial wealth. 

Corporate Management Analysis  Analyzing the astrology of the key  members of a corporate structure to best utilize their talents, improve  their interactions, promote team building and enhance productivity.


“Marise calculated the ancient Taoist horoscope, called BaZi. I was amazed at how revealing the chart was, and how practical it was to integrate it into my space. Working with Marise brought new energy into my home and into my life.” Barbara Biziou, Practical Spirituality, TV, Author, and Life Coach, NY, NY


“Marise reviewed my BaZi Astrology and helped me understand where I am in my career, how to best navigate through the next five years and make a plan to generate a successful path for me to follow. The chart also showed me how to best manage my personal energies, slow down and steer away from burning out. Thank you for a life informing plan that I am able to easily put into practice.” Brenda Devereaux, Real McCoy Estate Sales, Montville, NJ 


Marise~ I’m still processing yesterday’s AMAZING session! My brain is “cleaning house” and refilling memories which now seem thank you! I loved it!"  Carrie Miller,  Bloomfield, NJ