Design Transitions

Energetic Alignment

Feng Shui is a dynamic energy map that helps you understand how you interact with the unseen energetic patterns established within your environment.  Connecting you to an optimal “wifi” pathway will maximize your life experience, sustain a healthy vibration within the living space, energize you to be more productive and live in harmony with those around you. 

Design Transitions

Feng Shui Design


Classical Feng Shui is the practice of environmental psychology combined with scientific knowledge and geomancy, and It is a study of human habits to maximize the flow of energy and achieve harmony between people, structures, and nature. 


  • Spatial Compatibility Analysis of the occupants 
  • Land Form Analysis - Exterior landscape analysis 
  • BaZi Astrology - Life Path and Career Path Analysis 
  • Corporate Management Analysis - Analyzing the  astrology profile of the key members of a corporate  structure 
  • Date Selection - Auspicious dates for signing contracts, etc.
  • Yearly Energetic Updates

Design Transitions

Transition Time


When you are transitioning through major unsolicited life changes or taking actions on your plans and realize it would be more beneficial for you to create a deeper connection between you and your space and sidestep any snags in advance. 


  • Prior or during consultations with a developer, contractor, architect or  interior designer
  • Siting, planning, renovation or construction of a  building
  • Urban planning  
  • Promote health, vitality and ecological integrity
  • Buying or leasing an apartment, home or business 
  • Preparing to sell a space
  • Establishing a new enterprise
  • Aiding a struggling business
  • Positively influence family, health, finances, and relationships


Design transition

"I wanted to move and find a next home that would be an energetic match for me, so I hired Marise to help. She analyzed the compatability of my Ba Zi, astrological chart to prospective spaces and helped me select an amazing home that feels great and aligns with my unique, energetic blueprint.

During this transitional time, Marise employed her soul-supportive process to help me successfully shift through a daunting downsizing and moving experience. I have come out the other side happier than ever.  Thank you, Marise! We we did it! You are the Transition Master!"

Catherine Frels, Performing Artist, 

Brooklyn, NY 

Design transition

From the moment I met Marise, I knew that I wanted to work with her. As a mind-body practitioner, I longed to implement Feng Shui principles that would help me better connect to space to create. I know have a renewed perspective on my relationship to space.  

Fajda Robert Millburn, NJ 



“As someone who has considerable knowledge of Feng Shui and has consulted with other Feng Shui practitioners, I found my consultation with Marise Hamm to be very informative. She is extremely insightful and intuitive. The remedies that I have begun to put into place have already brought welcome changes. I highly recommend her .”

Marisa Bastin, Décor, Amagansett, NY

Design transition

“I am thrilled with the results of Marise’s suggestions! They were easy to follow, and did not turn my life upside down. I was apprehensive at first thinking she would ask me to paint my whole house or buy new furniture. Her Feng Shui suggestions turned my life around extremely quickly. I still have more work to do and she still advises me months after our initial consultations. Her loving heart and warm spirit are comforting and provide profound results.  Marise, you are AMAZING.”  

Linda Stasiak, Northeast Sales, 

West Hampton, NY